Welcome to my website

This site is dedicated to electronic cigarettes and the issues around them.

Here you will find video tutorials, written reviews and talk, as well as a glossary of basic terms in the world of vaping and general information about electronic cigarettes. In short, everything that comes to mind about electronic cigarettes.

About me

My name is Lukáš and I have been performing in the world of vaping under the nickname Karotka since 2014, when I started creating videos for vapers. I started vaping 3 years earlier – in 2011. Vaping was a healthier alternative to classic smoking for me and perfectly replaced it. I live in South Bohemia and every day I try to create useful videos for you on my channel Vapetalk s Karotkou.

Among other things, I like to shoot vlogs, fly with drones and create reviews on consumer goods. You can find these videos on my second youtube channel Karotka.